Zeus’ Pamphlet

A divinely inspired sketch group comprising of an over bearing writer, a cockney conspiracy theorist, the face of swine flu, a sex-mad soprano and the b*sta*d great-great granddaughter of Edward VII. Three ladies (well, sort of) and two chaps, an odd dynamic some might say, but they all wear the trousers.

Zeus Pamphlet have been gigging on the comedy circuit for over a year, bringing their tightly choreographed twatting about to Spank!, Cabbage Patch Comedy, My Mum’s House, The Hen & Chickens Theatre and the Leicester Square Theatre. This summer, they performed their debut Edinburgh show at the Underbelly in the Belly Laugh, a fantastic 120 seater venue. The show was a great success with regular sell-outs!

Working with production company, Polarity Films, the group has just finished filming a selection of their sketches, which they have submitted as a pilot sketch show to the Channel 4 Comedy Lab…fingers crossed!

Zeus’ Pamphlet seamlessly combines the smart and sharp with the silly, and their material, is grounded in the things we can all relate to. Whether it’s puncturing the kind of pretensions we’re forced to experience, sometimes in others, sometimes in ourselves, or ripping the lid off of the surface of modern relationships and having a good ole’ poke at the stuff underneath, their sketches are satisfyingly spot on and the attention to the details is what makes them original. Inspired by the modern world, their sketches are also relevant, be it exploring the amusing possibilities of the latest technology, dreaming up the next ludicrous Shoreditch fashion trend or taking on the ridiculous claims of the beauty industry.

“Inspired….Quite Brilliant” – The Herald

“Edinburgh Top Picks 2011″ – Elle Magazine

“Silly and smutty…this is the show to see” – Edfest

Contact | zeuspamphlet@yahoo.com


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